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Elias just came by to repair the hatch door lock in my Ford and I must confirm that he was not only very gracious and cheerful, but also did a quick and clean job. Bingo - Gordon D., East Street Bernard Highway Chalmette
We have been managing properties for decades, believe me, do not even think call any other Chalmette other than Chalmette Locks. - Chester M. Chalmette
My front lock fell apart when my niece was locking it, and I was afraid calling a locksmith on Hanukkah (I have a serious plumber-locksmith, 'I will charge you anything because you can't solve this without me' fear). Chalmette Locks phoned me back quickly, provided an almost immediate quote, Elias came over exactly at he time he said he would, and was a sociable and entertaining talker while I remained there examined him repairing my door lock. He didn't just fix it but spelled out what was the problem with the lock and even made an effort to explain me how keys are duplicated, which was really interesting, and hopefully the new keys he rekeyed won't stick, which is basically what happened with the lock in the first place. I have no clue about pricing for this kind of job, but anything below $95 (it was $75 for the visit, repair, and 3 additional keys) was way below than what I was fearing. And he took credit cards!! (Ambrose X. Chalmette )
Elmo only charged me for the visit and his time. He didn't bother to charge me for the knob. Not only that, he also inspected my back door to make sure it was working OK as well. The service was above and beyond, honest and kind. I couldn't have ask for a better experience. (Stroud O. Chalmette )