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We are a certified, Chalmette LA based residential locksmith service, providing many different kinds of security solutions from altering locks including window security products and pad locks to installing household alarm systems and CCTV. Whether you're looking for a knob or a much more complex alarm, lock, or safe, our professional and qualified residential locksmiths will be pleased to provide you with a no commitment offer and explain all of the basic principles of every system. If you are unsure what you require, either Elmo or Elias at Chalmette Locks residential locksmith, would be delighted to spend as much time as you need clarifying the various options that are available and their advantages.. At Chalmette Locks we hold top brands such as Copper Creek and Smarstar and FireKing.

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The safety of your family and your home is a constant issue of concern.

At Chalmette Locks we provide you with locksmith and security solutions to assist in safe keeping the people you care about against the risk of breaking and entering.

One of the most alarming and dangerous crimes that can occur to a family is breaking and entering. An intruder may enter your house to commit all types of offences, putting your family at risk and violating your private space.

Whether you are a single person living alone or have a family, coming home to a ransacked house is a very unpleasant event. Robbery is a common, everyday occurrence and is on the rise.

There are some uncomplicated steps that can be taken to ensure that you won’t be a victim of housebreaking: you should make sure you turn on a night light and add a security system.

To guarantee your residence is safeguarded against forced entry, our qualified Chalmette Locks will give you the best advice on the most suitable solution for you including installing multi-locks, window security products, and electronic locks.

If you have a lockout or need a residential locksmith service such as installing home alarm systems and CCTV, Chalmette Locks has locks and security products from well known names, such as Designers Impressions, Sure-Loc, Constructor, Rockwell, Cosmas, and Legend as well as from almost any other brand in the US.

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Security Tips

  • Consider installing a security system
  • Groom trees, hedges and bushes
  • Trim blocking trees and bushes

Over the years, the amount of accessible options of alarm systems and alarms has increased up to the point we might think the market is saturated. The locksmith market does indeed offer plenty of various brands and systems you could pick from, but don't get confused - we would advise you about the right solution for you!

At Chalmette Locks our experienced technicians will provide you with the top and most recommended systems that come with a lengthy warranty and service follow up. Our local Chalmette team of residential locksmiths, are trained to provide information regarding various systems and would be pleased to install the ones that are most suitable for you.